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Develop a design culture to resolve unique issues

Youboox is an app that allows you to read what you want, where you want. This service is meant to be for all type of readers and includes books, comics, press but also audiobooks. All the content is accessible thanks to a monthly subscription.

This huge ambition makes Youboox a unique app on the market. In the design field, a unique product is also a product which is hard to achieve. Several problematics had to be resolved without having an equivalent somewhere else.

In order to do that, Youboox developed a design culture, in which all teams have the user and the product in mind. This allows to build the product with a maximum of qualitative feedbacks and reduce the user misunderstanding.

Navigation to find a book into the app
Highly customizable reader app
Youboox Reader app for books, comics, press and audio books
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Web app comics reader
Web app books and audio reader
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